F2 Weekly #56 | From start to finish ?

//F2 Weekly #56 | From start to finish ?

F2 Weekly #56 | From start to finish ?

F2 Weekly #56 | From start to finish ?

As you probably know, one of Founders Founders start-ups, Musicverb, was successfully acquired last November (?  for the 1st exit).

What does a start-up need in its journey in order to “make it”? I believe execution is the key. Not the idea. It’s all about….

  • Having the right skilled people that believe in you, your project & share the passion. ? Team, VC or BA-wise. ?
  • Promoting an encouraging culture that fosters creativity, overcomes setbacks & pushes for more. ⏫
  • Having a transparent & aligned communication on all levels, especially between co-founders. ?
  • Knowing your customers. ?  What, why, how & when they need your solution. Constantly checking up on them & their necessities (customer success). ✅
  • Knowing your market/s too. ? Is it big/niche enough? Does it make sense? Creating something that already exists, somewhere where is not needed at all is pointless.
  • Being focused on your sales & having an efficient sales process.? In the end it’s also about making (lots of) money with your project.
  • Sharing & pitching the solution to everyone. ? The world needs to know it. ?
  • Accepting destructive critiques & considering the constrictive ones. ⏯  They will either thicken your skin or help you grow better. ?
  • Not over complicating things. ? From doing to improving.
  • Delegating the responsibilities. ? You cannot conquer the world all alone.
  • Having vision. ? Seeing what you company can be in future, rather than what it is now.
  • Staying passionate ➕ & never giving up. ?

P.S. to hear Musicverb’s take on this – join us at the Founders House today, 1PM.

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