F2 Weekly #55 | Power ? of naming

//F2 Weekly #55 | Power ? of naming

F2 Weekly #55 | Power ? of naming

F2 Weekly #55 | Power ? of naming

Recently I read Adapttech’s blog about their product’s naming process which got me thinking.

What’s the best way to tackle naming of a product/company/brand/event/etc.❓ Is there a magic formula? ?  Is there an easy way to do it?

I have found many tips that can help us find the right name – From acronyms, removing & adding an extra letter ?  to trying to spice thing us by using foreign words or symbols ?. How about just naming it after yourself or a random place in the world? or dictionary ? ? Or finding inspiration in literature, arts or even drugs (yes, strong Pied Piper reference ?).

Although these ideas can be useful ? , I believe each naming process should be unique because your product/company will also be unique (no universal receipt ?).

So don’t push the process. Give it time. ⏳ Know what message & image you want to convey through your name to your target clients. ? Have a clear vision – the more specific, the better.

Be original & check for legal restrictions.?‍⚖️ Think about your clients & target audience. ? Involve people in this process – Ideas, feedback or different points of view are always a plus. ?

Simple rather than complex. ? That should be the objective.

Choose wisely! ?  ?

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