F2 Weekly #54 | Work ? Life

//F2 Weekly #54 | Work ? Life

F2 Weekly #54 | Work ? Life

F2 Weekly #54 | Work ? Life

Work – life balance. ⚖ It’s a very popular topic that is trending with many different interpretations & many applications. ?

I’ll share one illustration of work-life balance that was once told to me. ?

Imagine work-life balance as juggling. ?

Each ball that you juggle represents an important part of your life. ⚽  It can either be your health, friends, family, work, etc. And the best outcome for your juggling performance is that you keep the balance between all of the balls. One time the work ball will be ahead, but right after the family and friends ball will rise up while the work one will go down. ↕

If we start to get tunnel vision and focus only on one of the balls, we will lose control of the juggling balance and all the balls will fall. ?

We need to force ourselves to think about all of the aspects of our lives as well. If we notice that we are focusing too much on only one aspect of our lives, then we should try to immediately compensate with another one that was left behind. ✅

This juggling balance is different for every individual. Once you achieve to have a more peripheral vision in regards to all aspects of your life, only then will you have achieved your balance. ?  You will realise that only a balanced system keeps the show going, it is pointless to focus only on one aspect of your live. ?

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