F2 Weekly #53 | We got bigger ?

//F2 Weekly #53 | We got bigger ?

F2 Weekly #53 | We got bigger ?

F2 Weekly #53 | We got bigger ?

Thrilling news. ? We have a new member aboard the community. And this time a very special one.❗

A school. ? Yes, a freaking school. The school. The New Digital School! ?

Who are they? Well, they call themselves “hackers of the design education” and let me tell you this description is spot on. 

They believe that traditional education can no longer keep up with the rapid pace of technological evolution ?  & therefore doesn’t prepare people for real-life work challenges.

That’s why they decided to take the matter into their hands ? & disrupt the current academia standards. ?  Wish to know how they do it? ?

They provide a student-centered school. They work on real projects for real clients. They make sure their students acquire skills in line with current & future industry needs. They tailor their education programs to match each student’s aspirations. They create support lines between fellow students, mentors, guests and internal facilitators. They deliver knowledge through world leading experts. (And much more.)  ?

Wish to know more about them? Come and visit these game changers of tomorrow at our Founders House. ?

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