F2 Weekly #5 | First impressions ?

//F2 Weekly #5 | First impressions ?

F2 Weekly #5 | First impressions ?

F2 Weekly #5 | First impressions ?

Have you ever wondered what the person that you are just meeting is thinking about you in that exact moment? ?

I have, many times. (…and to be completely frank the fact that I’m living abroad & not being a native, really gave me lot opportunities to leave quite a few unpleasant first impressions on others ?). Self-high five! ?

3-7 seconds ? ! That’s how much time you have to make yourself be perceived as a star or a failure in encounters, according to the scientists. Worried? Please, don’t be, media has you covered with countless tips on how to nail first impressions. Especially, business-wise! ?

But let’s cut to the chase – first impressions are just provisional facades. The non-verbal behaviour & superficial factors blend in right after 5 minutes of a real conversation or a working session.

Not denying that making a positive first impression can help you build trustworthiness, but on the long-term you ain’t fooling anybody with it. ?

Two new companies that will be joining our community next week managed to be fully transparent and real with us since the beginning of our collaboration. It was really nice to see who they really are, what they do and thrive on, which also made us eager to have them teaming-up with us! ?

So, man up & be yourself! We need genuine people, especially in the entrepreneurial environment. Consider yourself as an exclusive product – there is a big chance that not everybody will love you, but hey, not everybody can handle having the premium editions! ?

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