F2 Weekly #48 | Hiring? Hiring! ?

//F2 Weekly #48 | Hiring? Hiring! ?

F2 Weekly #48 | Hiring? Hiring! ?

F2 Weekly #48 | Hiring? Hiring! ?

Since many startups of our community are looking for new team members ?(BitmakerInfraspeakTonicApp) I decided to explore their hiring processes & share them with you (they might come in handy to you). ?

So how do our start-ups’ HR departments (aka the founders themselves) tackle hiring? ? They

  • Reach out to their networks for potential candidates ? (& their team member’s network) – personal referrals are far more valuable than any CV application send ⚖
  • Involve their team in the process – employee’s contributions about what are the real needs in the team are valuable ? (+ they also help in the selection process)
  • Put job ads on their websites (& other related websites) ℹ – here, writing an appealing & clear job description is a must (tell exactly what you want -like in THIS example)
  • Pre-evaluating candidates’ skills through CV  revisions, past experiences or challenges ? – like solving a tech/content/sale task – everything to avoid wasting time
  • Schedule & implement intense interviews with the the top 5 (max.) final choices ☝ – here they try to meet the candidate from their professional and personal perspectives to assess a team fit ✅
  • For the final choice they go with their “gut” feeling ? – they opt for the person that “feels” like the best fit
  • Over all, they take their time & try not to force the hire. It might take time to find the perfect fit, but once they appear it pays off long-term-wise. ?Great employees attract great employees. ?

Remember, each new hire for the start-ups is crucial, especially in the early beginning❗ You are also building your start-up culture & identity, so for that reason I believe the candidates’ personality, soft skills are equally ♨ (if not more) important as the technical one.

I mean, on the long-term one can learn the required technical skills, but many times the same person cannot become a culture fit to be a good team member.?

How about you? What’s your hiring strategy

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