F2 Weekly #47 | Team Up ?

//F2 Weekly #47 | Team Up ?

F2 Weekly #47 | Team Up ?

F2 Weekly #47 | Team Up ?

Founders Founders’ resident companies do not stop to amaze. ?  This time, ShiftForward was the one who shined! ?

So, what did they do, you might ask❓

They produced their own beer. ?  Their own Belgian Golden Ale to be exact. ?(Yes, their weekly Friday beer afternoons transformed the team from clueless amateurs to beer-brewing experts. ? )

Besides their remarkable work on their products, they managed to also brew their own beer for their ultimate beer-tasting afternoon!?  Brewing or alike activities do not happen that frequently, however, when they do, the aim is to do something amazing, fun and challenging, which is super beneficial for their team spirit and culture also. ?

All these activities involve and engage all the team members & instigates mutual collaboration among them. ?  All this grants better communication, morale & understanding of each other’s strengths (or weaknesses) in the business context as well. ?

The better your team works, the greater the business results are. ? ?

P.S Check ShiftForward’s blog for the details of their brewing process. ? ✌

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