F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture ?

//F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture ?

F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture ?

F2 Weekly #46 | Mind your culture ?

A few weeks ago Bitmaker launched a special book – ?  a book about their culture called “The World, My Work & Me” ?  (more info).

My purpose here isn’t to promote the book (although in a way I am ?), instead, I wish to draw attention to the company’s psychological offer, especially the company’s culture. ✌

Since we no longer perceive a job just as a job, but rather a part of our life, of who we are, we should make sure that it fulfils, enriches us & keeps us happy. ? On the long term, what means most to us ?, employees, are characteristics related to the company’s psychological offer and not the fringe benefits or salary. ?

For this reason, companies should care & dedicate their time to it. ⛑ They should promote their culture so that the future employees see what awaits them at their company – from work environment, expectations to the company’s goals and values. ?

At the same time, they should reinforce & shape a strong culture to promote higher productivity levels and a longer stay among the current employees. ?

Remember, the company’s culture is also part of the company’s brand. ?  And in the end that is what makes you different from all the other competitors. ?

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