F2 Weekly #43 | We’re growing ➕ 1

//F2 Weekly #43 | We’re growing ➕ 1

F2 Weekly #43 | We’re growing ➕ 1

F2 Weekly #43 | We’re growing ➕ 1

New resident on board Founders Founders! ?

Yeah, Halloween brought us a special present. ? Another community member – Streambolico! ? We’re richer with another amazing project (MORE INFO) & 10 intelligent individuals.

When a new company enters our community, as their new home & family we have 1 objective: make them feel welcomed. ? For that reason, we always try to deliver the best on-boarding possible for them. ?

This means, introducing them to the community, sharing our values and helping them understand how we function all together. ? The point here is to feel, hear and see our community dynamics.? We also try to structure the operational part of on-boarding (e.g. alarm, keys, offices), so that the rules are set straight & clear right from the beginning. But most importantly, we show them we’re happy to have them here and that their contributions matter. ?

Good on-boarding it’s mutually beneficial. Smoother & quicker settling in for the company, and a stronger & more connected community. ✅

P.S. Having troubles believing me❓ Then, hear it from the resident perspective. ? Adapttech gathered their thoughts about what changed when they joined the community. Check out their blog post – HERE.

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