F2 Weekly #42 | Recognising efforts ?

//F2 Weekly #42 | Recognising efforts ?

F2 Weekly #42 | Recognising efforts ?

F2 Weekly #42 | Recognising efforts ?

When was the last time that you have praised ?  your employee’s efforts and achievements?

If you cannot remember, I advise you to do so asap. Recognising your employees for their efforts or good performance beyond what was expected is essential and should be done regularly. ✅

When we praise a person for their good work, we are saying that his/her work is valued. ?  That his/her contribution matters. This gives them immediate motivation, productivity and satisfaction boost. ?

But recognising these efforts is not only beneficial for the employees, but also for the team ?  and company itself. ?

The team members see how great work is being rewarded, which drives them to do better as well. ?  And all of this consequentially increases the value that the employees add to the company which culminates in better business results. ?

The act of recognising is powerful and yet so easy to do. Whether you do it spontaneously or in an organised way, personally or through a gift / bonus, it doesn’t matter – as long as it conveys the message. ?

Remember sometimes a little gesture goes a long way.

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