F2 Weekly #4 |? Growing Yourself Up

//F2 Weekly #4 |? Growing Yourself Up

F2 Weekly #4 |? Growing Yourself Up

F2 Weekly #4 |? Growing Yourself Up

This week we received a visit from one of our mentors & had an amazing mini event with him. And all of this got me thinking… ?

MENTOR – what a big word! Well, at least it seems like that to me & I will happily explain you why:

Firstly, a mentor is the person that is your adviser, consultant, therapist, guide, confidant & supervisor all at the same time. I mean c’mon, that’s already pretty remarkable! Probably the only person in the world who can beat this role & top it is my MOM!?‍?

Secondly, mentors are basically (excuse me the term ?) giant packages of valuable information and experience. You should take advantage of that knowledge (about a particular area) and skills (labour, life, social, soft, hard, … you name it). Personal + professional support = ✔ (Oh yeah, we are killing two birds with one stone here ?)

Thirdly, the relationship that you develop with your mentor is a special, caring & collaborative one. He or she basically accompanies you in the whole process of growing up as a professional & pushes you to be at your best! It’s like training – bringing you down to earth, reshaping your weaknesses, amplifying your strengths – again & again till you do your best & reach success! ?

To recap, mentors are amazing because of the positive impact that they leave you with by getting you out of your comfort zone while shaping & empowering you to reach the utmost form of yourself. ?

So do yourself a favour & go get a mentor! ?

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