F2 Weekly #39 | We don’t mean to brag, but….. ?

//F2 Weekly #39 | We don’t mean to brag, but….. ?

F2 Weekly #39 | We don’t mean to brag, but….. ?

F2 Weekly #39 | We don’t mean to brag, but….. ?

Today will be a day for bragging. ?

Founders Founders was listed on the Portuguese network of incubators (RNI). ? We, alongside 130 other companies, were considered as one of the best places for companies to grow! ?

Pretty ?, I know, but it doesn’t stop there. We even got a special spotlight on the Exame’s magazine where we were mentioned as a unique initiative. ? What is so special about us, you ask? Well, the fact that Founders Founders was built from founders for founders, ? allows us to understand first-handedly the struggles that are faced by entrepreneurs and start-ups while they “walk their walk”. ? From here on, we can address the problems even better and look for solutions and facilitators along the way. ?

And another side curiosity note – the article also refers that the start-ups’ rate of failure is doubled outside of incubators. ⏬ Amazing how, when we are together we can face greater challenges, easier. ?

If you wish to know the whole story – check out the latest edition of Exame! ?

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