F2 Weekly #38 | Unwind (with Wine ?)

//F2 Weekly #38 | Unwind (with Wine ?)

F2 Weekly #38 | Unwind (with Wine ?)

F2 Weekly #38 | Unwind (with Wine ?)

This week it has been all about sports for me, so Founders Founders’ ping pong table ? seemed more attractive to me than ever (probably a consequence of Slovenia becoming the European Basketball Champion ? ? – I know, it’s not football, but c´mon is still pretty great).

While my ping-pong rituals intensified, I went realising that our ping pong table is much more than a place to play a game. ?

It is the daily 5-min physical exercise for some community members ? (even if low-paced, it still counts).

For others it’s a place where they get to meet with other members and share news. ? A place where people relax and forget about their daily stress and worries. ?

For all of them it’s time not spent in front of their screens. ? It’s fun time! ?

It’s also a place where people are winning or losing. Either way, it brings out the competitiveness and motivation in them. ? It challenges them to improve and boosts their confidence.

End result: Stress-free, motivated, happy individuals. A great advantage for them, and for their businesses as well. ? So my point here is, go get a ping-pong table (or another game table). It’s worth the money. ?

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