F2 Weekly #37 | What’s your story? ?

//F2 Weekly #37 | What’s your story? ?

F2 Weekly #37 | What’s your story? ?

F2 Weekly #37 | What’s your story? ?

Practice what you preach. Well, actually this week it has been more like preach what you practice. ?‍?

Founders Founders was invited to participate in a workshop called “Boosting The Entrepreneurial Local Scene”. An event organised by InFocus in Turin, Italy, where Europe’s economic development strategies are debated . ?

Of course, we shared ours.

Rui Santos Couto (FYI – one of the 5 founding members of F2) did not only explain our journey, but also his perspective as a founder. ?

The full journey of successes, ?  as well as the pains. ?  From extremely tough beginnings and doubts on how to do it, to finally making it.

So, how did Founders Founders made it through? Surely by facing the obstacles along the way with the right attitude. ?

Not dwelling on bad situations, but rather trying to turn it around and finding new solutions. But its very hard to face these obstacles all alone, that is where the community plays a part. ?‍?‍?‍??‍?‍?‍?

By bringing together like minded people that are facing similar obstacles, it becomes much easier to face them.

For sure having on board more experienced people allowed us to overcome all our past problems. ?  We could say that our success exists in its collectiveness as we are only successful as a community if the parts involved really get engaged with it, making it real. ? ?

This success of Founders Founders belongs to all the resident companies, partners, sponsors, mentors, investors and everyone else that is, was and will be a part of this awesome community. ?

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