F2 Weekly #36 | Being a Great Host ?

//F2 Weekly #36 | Being a Great Host ?

F2 Weekly #36 | Being a Great Host ?

F2 Weekly #36 | Being a Great Host ?

Recently we’ve been receiving many visits from people who wish to get to know Founders Founders better, especially students. ? Although it’s difficult to take a few hours from our task-packed workdays and dedicate them to others, I believe we should do it. ?

These visits are a way of giving back to the community and are of extreme importance.❗ Why?

Well, not only because it’s the “right” thing to do ?  but mainly because we have the chance to influence someone’s future. ? In those few hours, we can inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Simultaneously your employees, or in our case, our resident scale-ups, get a moral boost too. ?  They pitch their projects, team and how far they have already come. These visits also contribute towards a greater exposure of their projects and a stronger market reputation. ?

At the same time, opening up our doors ? allows us to become richer in new perspectives from people outside of our projects. ? Sometimes we can realize a whole new paradigm about our project just by sharing it.

These are all good reasons to back up why we at Founders Founders aspire and work everyday towards having a strong community culture where giving back is a must. Starting from our inside peer-to-peer mentoring to the sharing with the world the learnt lessons. ?

Givers always gain.?

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