F2 Weekly #35 | Sort it out ?

//F2 Weekly #35 | Sort it out ?

F2 Weekly #35 | Sort it out ?

F2 Weekly #35 | Sort it out ?

Business success depends on the team behind it. ? Since normally all the attention is given to how to acquire the right team member(s), today I wish to speak about a less spoken topic – how to react when things go sour, or, how to solve problems that arise inside your team. ?

Do you know what to do when your team is not getting along? How do you cope with a team member who just doesn’t fit the company’s culture? What about offensive or discriminatory attitudes? ?

A team consists of different interlaced relationships among individuals. ? These are built with time. Therefore, any change we wish to implement as leaders, won’t happen from one day to the other. ⏳ It will take time and it will be difficult. We all have behaviour patterns and values that are extremely hard to change.

What to do then? Set clear boundaries from the beginning. ? Some things shouldn’t be negotiable. Respect is a must. Then, act right away, don’t postpone resolving your team’s problems. Hear all the perspectives and try to understand each of the individuals’ reasons and actions. Then give assertive and constructive feedback to each one of them. ?

Change starts when an individual becomes aware of the problem, actively thinks about it and then takes concrete actions to solve it. ? You, as a leader, should facilitate this change to happen each day and make sure the “old” attitudes do not repeat. ?

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