F2 Weekly #34 | Are you ready for changes? ?

//F2 Weekly #34 | Are you ready for changes? ?

F2 Weekly #34 | Are you ready for changes? ?

F2 Weekly #34 | Are you ready for changes? ?

On the last 2 weeks, while I was back on my home town, I got to remember some of the cultural clashes ? that I felt when I first moved to Porto ?? . Well, one could say that it is completely normal to feel them when you go live in a foreign country.

Maybe the new and unusual scare us at the beginning ? or maybe they seem like exciting experiences at first, but then with time they become more challenging. Certain differences annoy us more ?, certain behavior we simply cannot understand ? and all we want is to do things our own way.

New environments usually tend to slowly influence our current, “normal” habits. ? These shifts are usually slow because adopting new habits is hard. ? We need to go beyond what is comfortable for us and adjust to new and different conditions.

The whole process of adaptation is also a constant in the entrepreneurial world. You need to pivot your product, you adapt it to your current market needs, you adapt the business plan, you adapt yourself and your own team for the companies current needs, etc. ?

Adapting is certainly not a one-time, temporary thing, but rather an ongoing process. However, the sooner you embrace the changes, the sooner you adapt to them and the easier it gets for you and your business. ?

By adapting you sustain and ensure your personal and professional growth and your own business with it. Growth implies change. ?

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