F2 Weekly #31 | Vacation is calling… ?

//F2 Weekly #31 | Vacation is calling… ?

F2 Weekly #31 | Vacation is calling… ?

F2 Weekly #31 | Vacation is calling… ?

This week we had another Scale Me Up where we focused on the importance of sales.?

I decided to share an example that Felipe used at the event to illustrate the sales process (props to him ?), because I think it may come in handy to some. ?

Imagine the sales process as a ping-pong game. ? You are a player and your client is your opponent.

When you play for the first time, it seems that you do not know exactly what to do. You are not sure how to hit the ball. You struggle to hold your racket properly. ? Curved ball? Sliced ball? I mean, you just try to make the ball return to the opponent’s side of the table no matter what.

Same goes for the sales process. At first you do not know what to say exactly and how to say it. ? You do not keep up with the client’s questions. ? You just try and hope for the best.

Then you play again. And again. And 100 more times. ? You start feeling like the racket is an extension of you, you start controlling the direction, speed and technique of your ball, ⚡ which leaves you with more time to see what the opponent is going to do before hitting the ball.

When you are selling your product for 100th time, you already developed and eventually sharpened your skills. ? Actions become automatic, words come naturally without even thinking about the answers. You start paying attention to the client’s reactions, posture and what he is actually saying to you.

You observe, strategize and throw an indefensible ball. Repeatedly, until you win the game. ?
You adapt and control the sales process. Repeatedly, until you make the sale. ?

Easier said than done. You may struggle and stumble, but never quit, you will eventually become a better player / sales person. ?

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