F2 Weekly #30 | Saying Yes or No ?

//F2 Weekly #30 | Saying Yes or No ?

F2 Weekly #30 | Saying Yes or No ?

F2 Weekly #30 | Saying Yes or No ?

I’m one of those people who tends to say YES to everything. ✅  No matter the responsibility, task, effort or time involved. The thought of saying NO to someone asking for help always seemed a bit selfish and hard to do to me. ?

But lately I’ve been thinking about that. ?

Not only do these YES(es) take a hell of a lot of my time ⏳, but many times they also do not bring any personal joy or improvement.

On top of that, very frequently those help-me-individuals do not even appreciate my efforts. ?  Or they want to take my arm, while I’m giving them a hand. Ugh.

Don’t get me wrong – I do say NO ? , I just think that I do not do it often enough. I do not mean that we should start saying NO to everyone, all the time. I merely advice you to recall all the unnecessary YES(es) that could easily represent a lot of your time and productivity.

It’s important that we all, especially entrepreneurs, use the word “NO” and are aware of its importance.❗ It means we have got our personal or business priorities straighten up and our boundaries set.

We just have to find the right balance that works for us. ⚖ Good luck juggling! ? ?

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