F2 Weekly #3 | Tech You ?

//F2 Weekly #3 | Tech You ?

F2 Weekly #3 | Tech You ?

F2 Weekly #3 | Tech You ?

It’s Friday the 13th ? – whoa!


Well… don’t freak out! ??

? Firstly, a quick (& the most probable) explanation of how the whole phobia has arisen: Friday – the day of Christ’s crucifixion, 13 – individuals were present at the Last supper. Mix these two things together – hell no, nothing good can come out of it right?

All superstitions & assumptions aside, there is actually no evidence that Friday or the number 13 are unlucky. However, quite ironically, there is a very strong evidence of the fear of Friday the 13th – great business losses (we´re talking 800 or $900 million here). ??

If you, by any chance, suffer from “paraskevidekatriaphobia” aka The fear of Friday the 13th, we are deeply sorry – just try to get through the day by doing something unusual (like dropping by at our House ?).

We don’t mind the date, especially since we are in boost mode thanks to our ♥ Founders Happy Hour ♥ that lifted up our energies.??

So 0 panic & stress, everything is gonna be alright. If anything is happening, it’s our TECH week! ?

Stay lucky!

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