F2 Weekly #28 | Are failures a + or a –

//F2 Weekly #28 | Are failures a + or a –

F2 Weekly #28 | Are failures a + or a –

F2 Weekly #28 | Are failures a + or a –

Anyone linked to the start-up world (or not) was probably already preached on ☝ how failure is important or even how you should be failing. ?

Let me explain why I agree and disagree with it. Sure, we all eventually fail at something and that’s normal. ?  But should we really be giving so much value to failing?

A failure is only valuable if you learn something from it. ?  The act of failing itself does not bring any worth. ?  Like Albert Einstein said (using cliché I know ?): insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. ?

We don’t just grow and get better because we fail. We grow ? when we fully understand what we did wrong and discover ways of avoiding it in the future. ?

Just failing for failing is pointless. It can make you tougher sure ?, but that’s pretty much it. If you do not realize what went wrong and how to make it work next time, you are just shifting from being an visionary entrepreneur to a very stubborn person. ?

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