F2 Weekly #24 | Educate yourself ?

//F2 Weekly #24 | Educate yourself ?

F2 Weekly #24 | Educate yourself ?

F2 Weekly #24 | Educate yourself ?

University of Porto was ranked #301 at the QS World University Ranking ? (and I’m also starting to feel the agony of finishing the writing of my master thesis), so it seemed appropriate to dedicate this newsletter to education.  ?

First things first, I wish we wouldn’t limit our concept of education with school/university. ?

Education is a never-ending process, that begins when you are born and ends when you die. Our schooling system ? is just a temporary formal tool to convey specialized knowledge to our avid young minds. ?

We often mix these two concepts ? and expect schools to be the only thing needed to get us a successful career. ? Despite the well known fact that some of the most successful people in the planet dropped it…

“Zuckerberg dropped out of school and look what he has become.”

Yeah, but the great majority of us is not a Mark Zuckerberg (or anything like him, most probably). ? I mean, the guy dropped out of HARVARD – what do you think got him there? ? Besides that, he quit to pursue a higher goal, completing his project (Facebook).

“My degree has nothing to do with my current job.” ?

True in many cases! However, did you ever question how you got to be where you are now?

Our reasons, actions, context, and history (including our formal education) matter.? You as a person are defined by all of them. ?

That’s why you are at your current job. That’s why Mark dropped out.

The base premise of education is progress.Improve yourself and change your current path if you need to. As an entrepreneur, as a student or even as a person. ?

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