F2 Weekly #23 | Hosting event ? & wisdom sharing ?

//F2 Weekly #23 | Hosting event ? & wisdom sharing ?

F2 Weekly #23 | Hosting event ? & wisdom sharing ?

F2 Weekly #23 | Hosting event ? & wisdom sharing ?

It seemed almost inevitable to write about yesterday’s amazing event at our House, but since I already glorified it ?(with reason❗) last week, I decided not to repeat myself.

However, I’ll share the advices that Carlos and Paulo gave for future entrepreneurs. ? ?

Bottom line is, you and your product shouldn’t stay in a hiding cocoon. Although it is a safe and isolated zone, you need to escape from it. ☄

Whether a founder or a start-up, cut your way out of the cocoon ✂ – be opened, speak with people, ask them for help, don’t be afraid to show your product. If your idea is to fail, better for it to fail faster than later.

Illusion of safety ? inside a cocoon is more dangerous than the rough reality. If you realize you are heading for a failure, ?  you can pivot earlier and avoid failure altogether.

Focus on your market and not in your technology/product. ? If you listen to your market, you will end up building the perfect fit product for them in the end anyway. ?

And remember, there is no universal path for success. You need to walk your walk. ?

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