F2 Weekly #21 | Content Marketing ?

//F2 Weekly #21 | Content Marketing ?

F2 Weekly #21 | Content Marketing ?

F2 Weekly #21 | Content Marketing ?

This week’s talk on Content Marketing for Growth was so great I decided to make a summary of the best tips that were passed.?

Relax, I’m not going to give you a lecture, I just thought that these tips (that I’ll use myself) could also be useful to you. In case you’re a guru already, just skip this part. ?

So, here it goes:

•  Stay in touch aka produce content on a regular basis ?

•  Audience adaptation ? – Always consider the who and why

•  Use visuals to your advantage ?

•  Blend! ?  Connect pertinent content for your audience with your product

•  Analyse & Experiment ? – Try new things always measuring its magic!

•  Persona matters, so let that alter-ego shine ?

•  Aggregate your content! Be resourceful, join the existing info you have and make something (e-book/manual/etc) out of it ?

•  Originality?– Get creative & do the never yet done!

•  Provoke engagement! Make call to actions according to your audience! ?

That’s it! Good luck! ?

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