F2 Weekly #20 | Growth Content ?

//F2 Weekly #20 | Growth Content ?

F2 Weekly #20 | Growth Content ?

F2 Weekly #20 | Growth Content ?

My free time this week was dedicated to converting old photos ?  and some VHS videos to digital. ?

While I was passing through these memories a nostalgic feeling started to simmer inside of me. ? I guess it happens to all of us from time to time. Even in a professional context.

Remember yourself a few years ago? Your fist job? The crazy business idea you had with no clue about what entrepreneurship meant. The non-believers saying “stick to your regular job”. ?

Oh the challenges, the mistakes, the fails, the successes.

All these flashbacks of our history that define us. ? I salute the good ones and laugh at the bad ones. I embrace them all because they make me who I am now.

So, go there, be nostalgic & remind yourself of the path you already walked and what you have accomplished so far. ?

Keep walking the walk. ? And don’t forget to congratulate yourself, you rock! ?

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