F2 Weekly #19 | Celebration time c’mon ?

//F2 Weekly #19 | Celebration time c’mon ?

F2 Weekly #19 | Celebration time c’mon ?

F2 Weekly #19 | Celebration time c’mon ?

Cristina Fonseca (Talkdesk co-founder) visited Founders Founders this week & gave an interesting talk (& office hours) to the community. ?

In short – it was amazing. ?  You know how some people just captivate your interest, right away when they start to speak? This was clearly the case.

When I was thinking about why we all stayed that impressed so easily, it hit me. It’s the power of storytelling. ?

Cristina just told us her story. She told it in a simple, direct, genuine & truthful manner, allowing the audience to perceive her as a regular person that managed to follow her dreams.

You can use storytelling to pass your ideas or even to sell a product & if you have difficulties in doing this naturally you can always use the help of some tricks that are commonly used (check here for some tips). ?

And if you top off a good story with great public speaking capabilities, you end up with a very powerful tool to influence and help others. ?

With time, details will fade, but not the feeling you convey on your talk. It’s all about this lasting positive effect that you can create on others.➕

Share your awesome stories & create new ones!

I challenge you to try this at our monthly events! ?

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