F2 Weekly #17 |Taking action ?

//F2 Weekly #17 |Taking action ?

F2 Weekly #17 |Taking action ?

F2 Weekly #17 |Taking action ?

This week was packed with exiting events at F2 and you know what happened? I got sick…. ?

Even though I tried my best to fight the cold & fever (yep I’m one of those lunatics who goes to the office & gets others infected too ?), I had to admit my defeat on Tuesday.

When I was about to sob of despair in my bed, I came to the conclusion that it’s pointless. The fact was, I couldn’t work even if I wanted to. So I did what was best for me in that moment, rest! ?

This principle of accepting the uncontrollable circumstances (sickness) and then acting upon them (resting) accordingly to your goals (getting better) is applicable to every situation in our life. ?

This means that you should accept the fact ✅ that you need at least 6 hours of sleep, that you will receive 100 emails in your inbox today, that you already have 40 unanswered calls & constant client request, etc.

So, prioritise the endless tasks in your start-up. Balance your pipeline activities. Orientate your team towards revenue. Check emails only once a day. Etc.?

Forcing yourself to go against the uncontrollable or doing everything at the same time, wont’ get you there. You’ll just be less productive and more stressed. ?

Work with what was given to you & become a master at managing your flood of daily tasks. ? This way you’ll be always unstoppable (even with a cold). ?

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