F2 Weekly #16 | Double Animation ?

//F2 Weekly #16 | Double Animation ?

F2 Weekly #16 | Double Animation ?

F2 Weekly #16 | Double Animation ?

This week we tackled inside sales! ?

We shared several strategies on how to do it best, but what has stayed with me was the following: control the whole process and register every detail of it! ?

If you are calling a person and s/he doesn’t pick up, write it down in your CRM tool (even if its only an Excel sheet). If you have received an email, write it down. Capture, route and track every lead! ✅

And then analyse! ? Meaning numbers, time, quality, etc for all your leads, independently of the channels that you are using. Calculate all your conversion rates between the stages of your sales funnel. Keep these numbers up to date so you can track the evolution of your inside sales strategy. ?

This way you always stay in control of your inside sales process & never forget to nurture all your potential clients. Also make sure that everybody on the team has access to this CRM. Transparency is gold! ?

So this is it – today’s lesson & my tip for you. We can all thank Francisco Vieira from Acsendo for it! ?

Besides that, I wish you all a Happy Easter! Make the best out of it! ?

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