F2 Weekly #101 | Let’s compromise ?

//F2 Weekly #101 | Let’s compromise ?

F2 Weekly #101 | Let’s compromise ?

F2 Weekly #101 | Let’s compromise ?

As I mentioned before, I recently moved abroad. ?The n. 1 on my to-do checklist was finding a new home. ? ✅

This is never an easy task, but in my case it was particularly challenging ?due to the city’s volatile housing market. ?

I mean, I wished to have it all at first. ?Economic, brand new, close to everything, well equipped, well maintained, with cleaning, garden, concierge… (ideally also a cat or a dog). ?

But I soon realised, it’s just not gonna happen ? – I had too many demands on one side and too many limitations on the other. ? In the end, I had to adapt to the available options and choose an “imperfect” house that still worked best for me. In short, I needed to compromise ⚖️ and prioritise. ?

Something similar happens in the business context. We wish to do and achieve it all. ?Sure it’s important to aspire for more, but in order to accomplish something and move forward we cannot have infinite goals ♾️ and try solving all our problems at once. ?‍♀️

Instead we should deliberately choose a few problems and objectives ?where we might be able to impact the most and work only on these.

Likewise, we need to consider our available resources (be them human, financial, physical) and properly allocate / use them, ?️ and on top of that, be ready to quickly respond to the uncontrollable factors that will come along our way for sure. ?

As did I, make it work with what you have. Know the weight ?️of each goal and decision when designing your strategy. I got the best house & I hope you get the best business outcomes too. ?

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