F2 Weekly #100 | Do you have an A-team? ?

//F2 Weekly #100 | Do you have an A-team? ?

F2 Weekly #100 | Do you have an A-team? ?

F2 Weekly #100 | Do you have an A-team? ?

An unbalanced team is not a team. ⚖️
When you hire a group of people, ? don’t assume you hired a team. ?

You have to account for many things like each member’s personality ?and how it fits in the team. ?You have to account for different levels of ability, for example, you cannot just hire a team of juniors and expect them to know how to fix a certain problem.

But most of all, you have to ramp up every single hire into a cultural context ?and into their role with real care.

Think of a team as an engine made of gears, ⚙️like a clock. You need to carefully put the gears in place and it’s not just any gear, ?️ it has to be the right one to make it work.

This is a problem you need to solve before scaling your team. ✅ Don’t think that by “throwing money” ? to the problem and hiring a bunch of people will make you have a team. Think about ?the clock you want to build first to know what gears you will need specifically and take care when placing them into their final positions. ?

If you want a good quality clock, ?️ there is no way of making it with cheap and bad quality parts. ? And even one bad part, makes the clock malfunction! Keep that in mind. ?

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