F2 Weekly #10 | Sharing passions ?

//F2 Weekly #10 | Sharing passions ?

F2 Weekly #10 | Sharing passions ?

F2 Weekly #10 | Sharing passions ?

This week we were asked to participate in a sort of a job fair event, with the objective of inspiring the younger generations to get involved in entrepreneurship. ?‍?

? Can a simple event change the avid minds of these young people?

Didn’t believe so myself until I’ve lived one life changing moment like that myself. ✨ It was a talk that left me speechless & amazed a few years ago. The 10-min life story of the speaker convinced me that I was unstoppable & I that can do anything. ?

I felt motivated, inspired and hopeful ? – these are the feelings that keep us going & make us wake up in the morning to face new challenges without quitting right away and going the easy way. ?

It’s precisely this that fuels entrepreneurs into implementing their idea, risk it all & lead the way. Even if the path ahead of us is tough, it is all worth it because of this grand belief that we are building something new and that there is a possibility that we will change the world or at least leave a mark / legacy. ?

I see the entrepreneurs as ambassadors of inspiration – sharing their passion can be contagious & can stimulate others to also become unafraid to think big, discover their own passions & pursue them. ?

So, dear entrepreneurs join us next Thursday at Happy hour & share your passions with us! ?

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