All Club Members

Co-founder & CEO of Platforme

Gonçalo Cruz

Co-founder & Partner of Alcea Advisors, Associate Director Strategic Projects at Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Gonçalo Vilaça

Founder & CEO of Prodsmart

Gonçalo Fortes

Founder & CEO of Dott

Gaspar D´Orey

Founder of Place & Tickets, Commercial Director – Iberia & LATAM Dates Employed at Festicket

Frederico Camara

Founder & CEO of Adapttech

Frederico Carpinteiro

Director of Product-Led Growth at CleverTap

Francisco Mendes

Co-founder of Jumpseller

Filipe Gonçalves

Founder & CEO of Nuada

Filipe Quinaz

Co-founder & CEO of Infraspeak

Felipe Avila da Costa

Co-founder & CTO of Codavel

Diogo Ferreira

Co-founder & CEO of Attentive, Group Product Manager at Outsystems

Daniel Araújo

Founder & CEO of Impacting Group

Claudio Fernandes

Co-founder of Fábrica do Futuro

César Couto

Founder & CEO of Last2Ticket

Catarina Simões

Co-founder & COO of doDOC

Carlos Boto

Co-founder & CEO of Immunethep

Bruno Santos

Co-CEO and Partner at LabOrders

Bruno Soares

Co-founder & CEO of Addvolt

Bruno Azevedo

Founder & CEO of Hole19

Anthony Douglas

Founder of Gleam, Tech Liaison & Community Manager at Farfetch

Andreia Campos

Co-Founder & CEO of Issho Technology

André Sousa

Founder & CEO of Barkyn

André Jordão

Founder of The New Digital School

Tiago Pedras

Founder of Bright Technologies

Adão Feliz

Co-founder of Codeplace, CTO at Polkastarter

Tiago Martins

Co-founder of Bitmaker

Tiago Fernandes

Co-founder & CTO of ThousandEyes

Ricardo Oliveira

Co-founder & Head of Security at Codavel

Paulo Oliveira

Co-founder of Emitu

Nuno Gonçalves

Co-founder & CEO of Xhockware

João Paulo Rodrigues

Founder & CEO of TonicApp

Daniela Seixas

Co-founder & CEO of HypeLabs

Carlos Lei

Founder of Musicverb, VP of Growth at Infraspeak

Rui Santos Couto

Co-founder of Shiftforward, CEO at Velocidi

Paulo Cunha

Founder & CEO of FESAgency

Liliana Castro

Founder of B-Parts

Luís Sousa Vieira

Founder & co-CEO of LabOrders

Tiago Carvalho

Co-founder & CEO of Codavel

Rui Costa

Co-founder & CEO of Zappy

Ricardo Oliveira