Become a resident

What is “Become a Resident”?

Founders Founders is an open community available for everybody who wants to join the network, the events and more.

Unfortunately, The Houses, currently in Porto and Lisbon, are quite limited by physical reasons. That’s why the companies in the house are accepted by invitation only, helping us to better deal with occupation. 

Become a Resident is the way we found to get to know more and more projects so that we can invite the ones that best fit the criteria.

What are the criteria?

Our evaluation follows two different vectors: i) the project and ii) the founders.

The projects that can take the most advantage of being a resident in the house…
··· are product oriented
··· have some product validation
··· have a clear growth strategy

The founders that best fit the in-house community purpose…
··· are willing to give and take the most to and from the community
··· have a sharing attitude
··· are available to participate in events

How long is the residence?

Founders Founders is not an incubator or accelerator program. In this way, we have no time limits for residents. We truly believe that when The House becomes small for your company, you’ll follow your strategy and find the right context for you to achieve the next goals.

Visit The House

You are invited to visit The House whenever you wish.
Contact us: [email protected]