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F2 Weekly #91 | What’s your story? 📔

F2 Weekly #91 |What's your story? 📔 Last Friday we hosted a book launch 📚 (Livro dos Fazedores). This book is a summary of what has been done in the Portuguese entrepreneurial context so far. 📝 Ever since the launch I’ve been contemplating  about how we actually do not keep track of our own stories. 🤔 We end [...]

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F2 Weekly #90 | What’s your EQ? 😁

F2 Weekly #90 | What's your EQ? 😁 "There’s no room 🚫 for emotions at a workplace.” Couldn’t disagree more with this statement. ☝️ The presence of emotions at a workplace is inevitable (well, unless you’re a robot 🤖). Even more, during the course of our professional relationships we experience a wide range of emotions. 🌀 These even intensify, if [...]

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F2 Weekly #89 | Can you help? 😀

F2 Weekly #89 | Can you help? 😀 When in trouble or doubt 😟 what do you do? You seek for help right?  🆘 Well, nowadays, you most likely try to google the problem first (if you have the time). 🌐 Only afterwards you turn to human help. 👥 Along the entrepreneurial path though many issues arise 🚨 - from scaling, funding or [...]

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F2 Weekly #88 | Win-win situation 🏆

F2 Weekly #88 | Win-win situation 🏆 This week we spoke about negotiation 🤝 at our Let’s Grow Again, so I decided to do a brief & general recap of what we’ve learnt. 📝 We can negotiate best, 😀 when we know: … the real value of the product/service we’re negotiating about. 💎 But not only that. We also ought to know the [...]

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F2 Weekly #87 | You won’t make it? 😕

F2 Weekly #87 | You won't make it? 😕 Ever had to cancel an already accepted invitation to an event? ❌ Quite an unpleasant thing to do, or, to hear if you were the inviter. 😒 We should be cautious and considerate about how we do the cancelling.  ⚠️ Why? Well, we were the ones [...]

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F2 Weekly #86 | “Are you a catalyst?” 🌀

F2 Weekly #86 | "Are you a catalyst?" 🌀 In chemistry, a catalyst is an agent that is added to a process in order to speed up a reaction.💨  In a broader sense, a catalyst is a thing or a person that causes or facilitates change. 🔄 If we adapt this concept to the entrepreneurial [...]

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F2 Weekly #85 | You set the rules ☝

F2 Weekly #85 | You set the rules ☝ Your game will be played by the rules you set. 🕹️ Usually, your employees will treat you the same way you treat them. 🔄 No matter the generation, we’re all searching for a meaningful work experience. 💗 An experience that brings us value. ✨ We wish to be heard, feel involved, [...]

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F2 Weekly #84 | Thanks for listening 👂

F2 Weekly #84 | Thanks for listening 👂 Did you ever speak with someone 🗣️ and they nodded their head but you knew that they were not really listening to you? 👂 As if they were there physically, but not mentally.  💭 That’s because listening is a conscious decision. A decision that requires one to focus and [...]

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F2 Weekly #83 | Head in the clouds ☁

F2 Weekly #83 | Head in the clouds ☁ Imagination 🔮 is extremely valuable, but often not appreciated enough. Einstein even said that, imagination is more important than knowledge. ☝️ I share a similar opinion. 😃 Knowledge can have an inhibitory effect sometimes. 🛑 Usually we limit ourselves to the understandable. 📚 To the already [...]

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F2 Weekly #82 | Deliver what you promise 😉

F2 Weekly #82 | Deliver what you promise 😉 In the past month I took my car 🚗 to the repair shop. Together with staff we agreed on the repairments ⚙️ that needed to be done, as well as the delivery date 📅 and conditions. 📝 Well, the date arrived, but my car didn’t. 😆 Heavily overdue, I finally got my car [...]

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