Rua da Constituição, 346-358
4200-192 Porto

The Founders House

The Founders House is a 1300 m² house in the Porto city center. The house is a former criminal court – true story – that moved out. The jail cells in the basement are one of the details we kept from the past, just for fun.

The tree in front of the house is municipal heritage. We probably have a lot to learn with this tree, regarding growth, scale, and resilience. Don’t we?

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Before The Opening

Six months of refurbishing works transformed a dark building into a shining place with the perfect environment for businesses to flourish. Wall painting, air conditioning, cutting edge internet infrastructures… everything is new!

Some residents came to The House to test the facilities, report the issues and improve the building performance. We are tech and business makers, right?

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Scale Me Up

Twenty two offices with up to 100m² makes The House a very flexible place for companies of all sizes. Today, the residents are mostly B2B product-oriented companies.  

All residents also benefit from a beautiful living room, two meeting rooms, thirty parking spaces and Founders Café. How awesome is this?

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Photos by Rafael Pires @ Portugal Startups