We’re in search of a second home. 🏡 😁 So far, this search has been rather challenging. 😅 Maybe we’re too picky, maybe there’s not a lot of options. You tell us! 😉

Here are 7 things we’re looking for in a new Founders Home:

  • Good vibes! 😜 You know the feeling of entering an incredibly modern building but right away feeling uncomfortable & unwelcomed? That’s not what we want. Office space isn’t just a physical area where we keep our things and do our daily activities. It’s a sensory experience as well. 💞Feeling good = working good!
  • Location📍We don’t want to be isolated from the city and its happenings. In the end we’re buzz creators as well. The location needs to be convenient for our clients & members, so amenities like banks, 🏦 post offices, restaurants 🍽️ nearby are essential.
  • Transportation Options 🚗 – Public and private ones. 🚊 Metro or bus is a must. 🚌 A big garage nearby also. We also don’t mind having a private parking lot. The last thing we want is for our residents to take ages in their commute to their second home.
  • Size ⬆️ We have to ensure sufficient space for everyone – since our current 1500m2 are not enough we’re aiming for more. 🌱 As our residents tend to grow with us as well, additional space is a plus.
  • Infrastructure 🏗️ Like the roots are the most important part of trees, 🌳 the infrastructure is to any house. The basics (e.g. electricity, water) need to be well-built and solid as they serve as a foundation to everything that comes after.
  • Style & Shape 📐 Old or in need of renovation, doesn’t matter as long we can fix and replace it. However, the building’s architecture and organisation is a different story. ⌛ Currently we’re in a building with a great structure & history (from school to court), which is priceless.
  • Cost 💰 Startup budget.

The Founders House ends up being a second home for our residents. 😌 It’s a place where they should feel comfortable and welcomed. 👍 That’s why we give a huge importance to these 7 minimum requirements. 😎