Calm down. 😌 It’ not another GDPR email. 😁

I just want to tell you a story. 😀 See, I recently had an interesting conversation about limitations🗣 About how we believe we can’t possibly do something, that it doesn’t matter or that we can’t change the way things are. This short tale sums up the reality of most of us:


“Once upon a time, there was a performer 🤹 who owned 10 elephants. 🐘 He paraded them and made them do tricks for many crowds worldwide. 🌍

One day, a boy asked the performer how he controlled 🎛 his elephants since they were only tied together with a tiny rope on one foot. ⛓

The performer replied, “I’ve had these elephants since they were very young. 🍼When I tied their feet with that very rope, it was enough to hold them back from running away. So, they learned that they couldn’t break the rope. 👨‍🏫 Now that they’re older, they still believe that it’s stronger than they are, 🚫 so they never even try to run away.”


As did the elephants, we too (un)consciously limit ourselves. ❌ We fear trying. We like to play it safe. But the reality is that most of our limitations exist only in our heads. 👤

We need to overcome them and keep pushing. 💪 So, take action. 🎬 It might just change your life. 😉