Remember elementary school exams? 🤔 The initial eagerness you had inside you to prove your teacher that you know something? 💪 The doubts you felt about your answers after your tests? 🤨 How about hearing your classmates discussing their answers afterwards and you entering a panic mode because you didn’t answer anything similar? 😅

Oh and the tension of seeing the results afterwards. Did I pass? 🤭 What’s my final score?

Well, here at Founders Founders we felt pretty much the same feelings when we were applying for ScaleUp Porto’s Open Call last month. 😁 And ever since we were eagerly expecting to see if we had made it or not. ❓

We were thrilled when the results arrived. 🤩 Our project, Incinerator, has made it to the list of 8 project that were chosen to innovate the city of Porto (click HERE to know more)! 🔝

It’s an awesome feeling being one of the selected among more than 55 applicants, especially with such a special project as the Incinerator which aims to eliminate the stigma of failing. 🚫 Yes, we wish to show that failing is merely a part of the entrepreneurial path, a great opportunity for learning and also an inspiration to face new challenges.😉

So, now that we have passed the test, we need to pass the subject and the class as well. We’ll be honest about our ambitions – we want to ace it! 😎