Next week is going to be special. 😁 The 3rd edition of Start & Scale Week is back with another shipment of innovation, entrepreneurship & technology knowledge from inter/national experts! 👍

It’s time to show that Porto is not only a city of nice weather ☀ & great food, but also a city of encouraging entrepreneurial environment and opportunities. 💪

A city of thriving creative community, packed with amazing start-ups & scale-ups. 😊 A city that develops entrepreneurship promoting strategies that meet entrepreneurs’ needs. 🎯

Initiatives such as ScaleUp Porto or events such as Start&Scale that bring entrepreneurs together contribute tremendously towards having a vibrant, interconnected entrepreneurial ecosystem, that is so crucial for entrepreneurs. 📈🙂

Why – Well, one can always learn a specific hard skill from books 📚 or online classes, but most of what you need to build a startup you will get it from local entrepreneurs and business owners. ☝

Local connections are extremely valuable 🔝 – they are facing the same business environment and challenges. 🔀 They can explain how they tackle their businesses’ development with the same resources in the same context, so in our case, from Porto to the world in 2018. 😉

Likewise, Porto as an entrepreneurial city can also only grow when working hand in hand with its local entrepreneurs and creative ideas.😃