One year and one day ago we officially inaugurated Founders Founders. 👏

To honour the first year anniversary of this community, I decided to reflect on what has changed since then. ⌛😉

We achieved so much!  Our Founders House #1 is almost completely full and packed with 16 magnificent residents. 🤩 More than 160 talented people are working with us on a daily basis. 🔝 Besides that we’ve got a new special resident, a school: The New Digital School! 🙌

We have launched Founders TV and its first ever series, Founder Meets Founder, 😁 where we put two of Porto’s well-known entrepreneurs in front of cameras to discuss each other’s professional journeys. 💪

We have launched our Founders Club to create even more meaningful relationships 🔗 between the entrepreneurial community of Porto. 👍

We have co-organised a fantastic bootcamp event about marketing & sales, 💥 BOOM – Massive Growth Week, 💥 that brought together all of Porto’s entrepreneurial initiatives, as well as, the ecosystem.

We have implemented & hosted more than 50 events with over 2500 attendees. 👥👥 Besides that, more than 700 visitors have passed at our House and have gotten to know our project better. On top of that we also got some pretty sweet media coverage (e.g. 123). 😎

It’s remarkable to see Founders Founders grow and evolve this way! 💗 We’re grateful 🙏 for everything so far and excited about the future. 🤩 Cheers to many more years! 🥂